About Us

‘Health is wealth!’ A well-known quote, yet not so well followed. I’ve been in the health industry for a very long time. As a doctor of both general medicine and psychology, I’ve tons of experience with all forms of health, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. You’d be surprised how interconnected all these things are.

As you’ve probably guessed, the goal of this website is to provide basic health knowledge that everyone should be aware of. A side purpose is to show the connection between your physical, emotional, and mental health. When one’s emotional health is weak, your physical health can be affected. (Even your mental health can if the emotional distress is severe enough)

The long-term plan is to break awareness to the world about taking care of their mental and emotional health, just as much as their physical health. To be honest, mental health is even more important than physical health. (Don’t get me wrong, both are incredibly important!)
My vision is of a world where everyone on the planet can get the medical care they need. The goal is to reach a point where medicine can be quickly and cheaply distributed throughout the world.

Check out my posts. You’ll see the point I’m aiming to get across. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. If you have more specific interests, do go ahead and contact me directly!