Living a healthy lifestyle means getting physically fit and following the right diet. It is impossible for us to become healthy if we only eat healthy food. On the other hand, one cannot speak of a healthy lifestyle if little or no time is spent on physical activity. A healthy lifestyle is, therefore, a good balance between the two.

Saudi Arabia, like any other place in the world, is a country where a healthy lifestyle should be continuously promoted. As people become more and more busy with their daily tasks, it is almost or even forgotten to become physically active and fit.

As much as you wanted to choose a proper, nutritious diet to get healthy, you need to be just as serious about participating in physical activities and workouts.

Mixture of workout and exercise programs

We are all able to store fats in our bodies. Inactive lifestyles and improper eating habits lead to fat accumulation in various areas such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms. In addition to fat loss, sitting can also cause a number of unwanted health risks such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer. In order to give your body the opportunity to combat these problems, exercise and healthy eating should be practiced regularly.


One might think that there is only one kind of exercise, the sweaty exercise. However, one exercise should consist of three training programs: Cardiovascular training, resistance or strength training and flexibility. Ideally, a training program should include these three forms of training to ensure a holistic and balanced workout.

Endurance training

Cardio training is also known as endurance training. This type of training is done to strengthen the heart and lungs. Typically, it involves activities such as swimming, aerobics, walking and running.

Resistance and strength training

While cardiovascular training focuses on the heart and lungs, resistance training is used to build and tighten muscle tissue. It also helps to eliminate the body fats stored in the body. Resistance training is synonymous with weight lifting, as this type of exercise involves the use of resistance bands, dumbbells and machines.


Stretching or mobility training is less strenuous than the first two training groups. More often, flexibility training is done after heart and resistance training. It helps to cool the muscle and reduce the tension in your body after a hard workout. Activities such as yoga and Pilates are ideal to develop the flexibility of the body and promote relaxation.

Harvesting the fruits of shaping

In addition to maintaining the functionality and fitness of the body, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet can reduce the chances of developing health problems such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition, they keep the body in balance by carefully burning body fat and building muscle.

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